Still don’t know what that Dino was Thinkin’….

I need an outlet. A way to express myself to people I don’t know, or those who may care, or then again don’t. This will be my first “blog” I suppose. Starting it while my husband is away at training as a way to escape my screaming child of doom. I need a BREAK. I need an escape. Lets see how this goes. I want to write about my day, what I learn, I want to vent, write poetry, short stories, and information that I write for a friends blog (that I personally think is rather good). I’m going to school and am switching my degree to a History or Art History major… Oh how I love the history of things. I love to research history, learn about what “really” happened… the mystery that decades or centuries later was never solved. Maybe I should be a detective, I can totally rock a pipe… or maybe just a super hero… although I doubt I’d look good in spandex, but that cape is so tempting….


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