Hawaii? Heck Yes!

Hawaii? Really? Seriously? You cannot be serious? That’s right, we received our orders and for the next three years I will be living in Oahu Hawaii! yessssssssssssss! now the problem is convincing my ex to let me take my baby girl with me, since apparently he has made it his personal goal to ignore his child but pretend she means something when something I want to do comes up. You know how it goes… the ex that makes it a goal to ruin your life? Yeah I have one of those. Good thing I drew out paperwork before I left South Dakota… I’m going to Hawaii, going to Hawaii, going to Hawaiiiiiiii! Yes! I’ve never been so excited yet so upset at the same time before. Excited for a new life in a beautiful area, full of palm trees and the ocean every where I look, a sunny place where I might run into *ahem* Leeland from Dog the Bounty Hunter. To live in a historical naval base, one with true history, and so much to see and do. The upsetting factor, I just made a couple friends, with kids that are friends with my own that I will have to say goodbye to. Being farther away from my family and friends back home, and moving to a place that I’ve never been to can be extremely scary. I do have a couple friends, Air Force and Army that are stationed on the island, so that’s a little reassuring.  But, then again I’m moving to one of the top 5 vacation destinations. 🙂 ohhhh soooo happy! I have come to the realization that not being with my husband, or being able to talk to him is slightly upsetting. I do not know when he will be home. My daughter keeps asking where he is, and it’s hard to tell her every day that “daddy’s at work, but he says he loves you”. Not knowing where he is kills me. I can only imagine what a deployment would be like. I’m sure 10 times worse than the last time. It really does hurt to love someone so much…


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