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Aloha from Hawaii! We have been doing a bit better lately, finally getting things in order and getting the house put together. It feels good to be able to buy furniture and make it all match, instead of the mismatched older stuff I had from when I first moved out of my mom’s. We got a new TV stand last night, took a good 2 hours to put it together, rearranged the living room, and moved on to ordering Pizza and just relaxing.
Hubby has been falling apart. Viral infection, tendonitis, and then apparently pulled a muscle so bad that he has had pain for two weeks. His doctor is having him go get an ultrasound next week to make sure it’s nothing major, which I hope it’s not because traffic terrifies me out here. We bout got into an accident since someone decided to run a light, slammed my knee into the dash, but it’s better now 🙂

We are finally, FINALLY settling in, decided to bail on a car for now and focus on our credit card bill, and then we can purchase a car this summer that isn’t a complete rip off. (92 honda for 3000? kidding?) We are focusing on bettering ourselves. making sure our house is put together, baby girl is happy, and the possibility of expanding our family 😉  Pretty stoked with how things are falling into place, regardless I’m done with this state, I’m ready to go back to the mainland, but we are here for another 2 1/2 years, might as well make something of it, right?


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