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Unintentional Spat.

So, from the great stupidity that prompted the “HOW DARE YOU” post a few back, we have also ran across another one from our dear friend Ashley. Although this happened a few days ago, it started a whirlwind of debate and of course a lot of problems, again.

There is one thing that “Most” mil spouses know not to say, and that is that they are military.
we will start from the beginning, Military spouses are NOT affiliated with the military in any way except that their spouses are “in the military”.  This idiot thinks she has any and all rights to claim to be a “military person”.

Now here is what went down, and i had to dig through numerous messages to find this since the chick blocked me.

She was sitting at the LA airport, waiting 4 hours for her husband (who is in A-school) to come pick her up. She figured out about the USO, which is a little area that military  members and their families can go to relax between flights or while waiting for someone to pick them up, usually on PCS or deployments, they can be found at most big airports.  she “checked in” at the USO with the update of  ” Ahhhhhh I love being a military person!”

Now I may be a bit mean sometimes, and I may be a bit over the top, but seriously no spouse deserves the right to say that they are “military” unless they are active duty, reserves, or a retired/veteran.  So I responded with :

“ok, I have to put this out there, since your still a newbie and stuff. You cannot claim you are a “military person”. You, yourself, along with me, and Rena and any other spouse that did not serve, are not military people. we are citizens. We do not wear combat boots, we do not go to war, we do not go to boot camp, and we do not live in sub par conditions to defend our country. Our spouses do. The only people that are permitted to say they are military people are those who are enlisted, or are veterans/retired. This is just one thing that irks the hell out of me, and many other spouses. I admit the USO is a great thing for families of service members, and it helps a lot of families out, especially those PCS’ing, we’ve used the LAX one when we were heading out here, but saying something to the extent of being in the military when you are not is going to get you into a lot of trouble. Just and FYI. Not being mean, just stating the facts.”

Now, prior to posting this on her status update, I proceeded to pass what she said to a few spouses, veterans and active duty members. Each and every one of them was offended and just upset about what she said. Taking credit for something that she had no right to take credit for (mind you this was building up before I posted this… We’ll get into it in a minute), along with just not understanding that a statement such as that could honestly be heard by the wrong person, and she could end up in a fight, or getting her ass chewed by a higher up. She is outcasting herself, and my “comment” was just to clarify that what she did was unacceptable, and she needed to switch it up or she was going to get in trouble.

Shortly after that was posted, I got deleted and blocked, along with 2 of my friends who also were mil wives trying to help her out, who had nothing at all to do with that post.  Wow. this girl. *sigh*

Lets get this point across. This girl is the wayyyy overly ZOMG MIL BLAH WOOOOOOOOOO! she also has posted things that were wrong, such as something about “shooting little towel heads”, someone has called her out on, she tries to post stuff to show how much better the Air Force is to any other branch, which is later disproved since her information is outdated. THEN to top it, she was the one bashing other branches. This girl is in for a whirlwind of hurt, and trouble, and I can see her hurting her husband’s career. I give it a year before she screws up to the point where her husband gets one of those “Muzzle your bitch” talks, as my friend would say.  Oh well. She lost 3 people who could have helped her get far. Now she can learn on her own.


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Abandoned who what where?

My friend Rena has been sending me messages with different abandoned places throughout South Dakota, a mutual passion we have, and upon further research I have found MANY different abandoned places within Oahu. I’m researching as much information as I can so I can make a trip around the island, takes some fabulous pictures and get a bit of something from this place.
The one thing I can never get enough of, is the history of a place. Abandoned townships such at Ft. Igloo in South Dakota, or old abandoned school houses, buildings, farms, whatever I can get into. We’ve made plans for th week I’m back to check out some places, a bonding girl thing in a way I suppose. I wish I had more people here to make this more of an adventure… It’s definitely something I shouldn’t do with the kiddo, but something I really need to do.

So fellow bloggers, if there are any suggestions for different places in Hawaii (on Oahu specifically) that I would be able to check out, please list them, and list any links! So far, I’ve only found one up on North Shore, but with all the history, the king and Queen of the island, and the culture, there has to be some pretty awesome areas that just haven’t been published yet…. I am willing and able to hike, treck, hop, and crawl into any area I need to get into! 🙂

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Let us discuss: WTF is going on with People?

Well, it appears I can’t sleep, and I’ve found a topic I want to discuss, so I’m going to throw this one out there. Has anyone noticed that death rates are up? And I don’t mean the natural death rates, I mean crazy murders, suicides, stupidity, etc.

I admit, I’m a momma’s girl, and I talk to my mom fairly regularly, along with a lot of people back in South Dakota, and I can honestly say almost every time I talk to someone there is something about some crazy random thing happening, or a murder, or kidnapping, etc. that is going on. For example, one of my mom’s customers were driving from Rapid City to Keystone to go to dinner, some guy was standing in the middle of the road, and SHOT THEIR CAR. For no reason, had no idea who these people where, just did it for shits and giggles. WHO DOES THAT?! Here’s another one, I do believe we have had 2 or 3 kidnappings since the new year of random people, who are later found murdered or something along the lines of a horrible tragedy, in a ditch, or a person who blew themselves up in an elevator, or some idiots hurting animals in the worst possible way (New Years some kids put fireworks in a dogs mouth), or crazy drivers crashing head on into vehicles or running people down, the list just goes on and on.

My question is; WHY. Why are all these people suddenly doing all these horrible things? Of course this happens daily, everywhere, but it seems to be noted more in the news. Is it because Newscasters are just bored or out of topics to discuss? Are people thinking that because “ZOMG WE ARE GONNA DIE IN DECEMBER” that they have nothing to worry about? What exactly is prompting all these people we would never expect to do such horrible things, to do unimaginable damage to so many people?

Now I know most have seen these people on television claiming to be “Doomsday Preppers”, which quite honestly I think is a very entertaining show, but do you believe these people? What are your honest opinions on this 2012 situation? Would you murder, steal, or rack up your credit cards thinking that there will be no consequence for your asininity since the world will supposedly end?  I just don’t understand… The world was going to end in 2000, the world was going to end in March, the world was going to end in October, now the world will end this coming December. Do people honestly believe that because the Mayans didn’t “finish” the calendar, that means the world will be blown to smithereens?

Here’s my thoughts on the Mayan Calendar incident:
Some Mayan dude starts creating a calendar, and it is passed down from generation to generation, to keep this production going. One lucky Mayan has an extremely lazy, lets say son. This son puts around and just, forgets and decides that “oh gee, I forgot, Oh well, not my problem, lets just freak a shit ton of people out in the future”, or better yet, he probably just didn’t give a damn. Ya know, my view on this is probably ridiculous but I’m sure lazy people were around in Mayan times just as they are here.

Aside from this theory, Mayan’s didn’t actually incorporate a leap year, which we have every 4 years. Now, if we look at the Mayan Calendar, and insert a leap year every 4 years since the time the Calendar was created, we would be looking at doomsday being ohhhhh…. 8 months ago? Of course there is speculation of this, with all kinds of rumors, even some truths, about what they were looking at. But I want to see the actual documentation that the Myan’s supposedly predicted this doomsday happening. I want to SEE it. I want PROOF that this is what they said, not some loony Priest, Pastor, or Minister. Of course this is just my own personal opinion, but honestly, I’m just sick of hearing about it, and how people take advantage of something they have no idea is true or not.

/End Rant.

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Little Piece of Paradise

With how often I blab about hating Hawaii, I have to admit it really is quite beautiful… I’ve decided to upload a few photos I’ve taken since I’ve been out here, Mind you most are of the kiddo, but eh! She’s cute so it’s okay. On a side note, I have actually begun enjoying living here. I gave up on being miserable, and have decided to just make the best of it, especially since we are going to be here the next 2 1/2 years. People always comment on how I’m so “lucky” to be living in paradise, or how I should be greatful to live in a place so wonderful, but I just can’t bring myself to actually feel like I’m living in paradise. I am a regular citizen, living in a city (mind you 2.3 miles from the beach which is a plus), struggling to make ends meet, and it doesn’t exactly help much that I have no car and my husband works clear over at Pearl Harbor. I’m gonna get there though. I have a few health issues to work through and then I will be back on the boat of getting into shape, playing more with the kiddo and the crazy pup, and of course making my way around the island and truely exploring the culture. I’ll get there. and I’ll make this my own personal paradise. Sooner or later 😉

Beach day

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Toddler Torture Tactics

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Oh. My. God. New torture tactic. Deny toddler of juice. Seriously. It’s hilarious yet frustrating. I’ve never seen her spaz out over something so … random. I mean. it’s juice… maybe juice is secretly the “LIQUID OF THE GODS” to children.  So second post for the day, and I’ll be done. Just wanted to update on torture ideas for kids, so I shall list the things my child feels are torture.

1.) Deny the liquid of the Gods – As they lose their energetic power, and break down into fits, eventually falling asleep where they are freaking out at.
2.) Deny candy – Will lose all self control, and tear house apart from temper tantrum, shoot flames from ears and nose.
3.) Time Out – Ohhh the dreaded time out… SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM oh it’s over? Lets play!
4.) No Mac and Cheese, Dear god the world will end if there is no mac and cheese….
6.) No snack (dinner almost ready) – BUT I WANT A SNACK! NOWWWWW! (demon exits child’s body)
7.) Bed time – BLARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  laser beams of death shoot from eyes.
8.) Getting up early – whine, whine, whine, whine, Poptarts? ok, Whine.
9.) Denial of Toy at store/ Time out at store – *sniffle* DEATHSCREAMOFDOOM*sniffle*
and finally…..
10.) The clean your room tactic – whine, pout, pick up one toy, DONE! (tell to finish cleaning room) Pout, wander around room in circles, pout, “I have to use the bathroom” *goes to bathroom*, Pout, “I’m so thirsty!” *takes drink*, Pout, picks up two toys, DONE! 6 hours later, bedroom is “clean”… because I clean it. *sigh*

Oy. Children are Sooooooooooooooo fun.

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“How DARE Anyone Confuse Airforce Dress Blues with Navy!!” – Ignorant Much?

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Upon reviewing my wonderful facebook messages from my dearest friend, after taking a 2 hour unintentional nap for a migraine, I read it, and get this messaging saying I need to check out a girls post due to some completely ignorant shit she’s saying.

Now wait. Wait wait wait. Migraine pounding I check out this girls page, who mind you is a New Airforce spouse who’s just a baby still really, Her husband is actually at A-school where we lived just a few short months ago.  Now, I added her, because 1, her hubs is in California, and 2, she’s moving to South Dakota, Which of course I know a ton about, so I figured eh! Help a spouse out, or as my favorite page would say “Stop 1 to Save 1” Since she’s a little eccentric on the “ZOMG! PROUD WIFE BLARGHHH!!!” posting every 2 seconds on how much she loves her military husband and how much she does this and proud military that, and omg airforce post here and navy post there (since I dont think she knows the difference on the uniforms… ) and I just…. want to tell her to calm down and ease up… I mean there’s nothing wrong with the “Proud (enter branch) spouse” thing every once in a while, But every single day, FLOODED with it is a bit much.Back on track now, I get to her page, and I see “How dare anyone confuse Air Force dress blues with navy!!!” …. You’re kidding right? I mean… seriously… did you just post that??? I can see turmoil begin seeing as many of her “friends” are airforce, and yet, some of her friends are different branches as well. and to be honest (even though I have no say since I’m not Navy personally) I was slightly offended. How DARE she make such an ignorant comment. How DARE she put her two cents in on a little spat that all branches have between eachother, that doesn’t include her . And how DARE she be this effing stupid. I mean. c’mon lady….  for one. Not everyone knows what all the “dress blues” look like. For two. Airforce dress blues look nothing like Navy dress blues, which are actually black. And what the hell gives her the gull to say something like that in the first place.
Ya know. I’ve had my moments while hubby was deployed of complete and utter miserable-ness, and I had taken time out on the facebook device to post retarded things such as deployment “songs” or “poems” or a *sigh* I really miss him* post every now and then. But never have I ever, posted anythin to insult any other branch, or FLOOD my page with random military crap, or proud spouse crap or anything to that extent.  Her husband is in A-School. Not deployed in a war zone. He’s going to SOUTH DAKOTA, not Africa.  And above that, she reminds me of the wives I had to deal with when I first got married and moved out to California. The ones who’s husband was higher ranking and they refused to even let our kids play together. I see her being one of those wives. I can see her being one of those stuck up assholes that no one likes, simply because she is completely ignorant. And I can honestly see her joining an FRG, trying to take it over, and getting a stern “talkin’ to” by the command.Seriously. I just wanna punch this chick.

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