Abandoned who what where?

My friend Rena has been sending me messages with different abandoned places throughout South Dakota, a mutual passion we have, and upon further research I have found MANY different abandoned places within Oahu. I’m researching as much information as I can so I can make a trip around the island, takes some fabulous pictures and get a bit of something from this place.
The one thing I can never get enough of, is the history of a place. Abandoned townships such at Ft. Igloo in South Dakota, or old abandoned school houses, buildings, farms, whatever I can get into. We’ve made plans for th week I’m back to check out some places, a bonding girl thing in a way I suppose. I wish I had more people here to make this more of an adventure… It’s definitely something I shouldn’t do with the kiddo, but something I really need to do.

So fellow bloggers, if there are any suggestions for different places in Hawaii (on Oahu specifically) that I would be able to check out, please list them, and list any links! So far, I’ve only found one up on North Shore, but with all the history, the king and Queen of the island, and the culture, there has to be some pretty awesome areas that just haven’t been published yet…. I am willing and able to hike, treck, hop, and crawl into any area I need to get into! 🙂

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