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Holy Hectic.

Forgot about the blog again… started writing in it 2 weeks ago… then forgot. Woops.

It’s been a hectic, crazy, wild life since I last posted. We are still secretly spying on the girl I posted about prior, she’s still psycho. Now I have a new one to add to the bucket of crazy, which I will not go into detail about now.

T-ball has been crazy cute. Rayne absolutely LOVES t-ball, has her little sports shirt, and we should have pictures within the next week or 2 (and yes I will be posting!). We have been enjoying Hawaii best as we could, but once again I got sick over and over with the stomache pains, and it kinda slows us down. I have recently crochet a super adorable little pink and green hobbes doll for a friend of mine who is due with a baby girl end of July, now I have orders to make a couple more of them for some of my husband’s co-workers :). Along with this, I have a baby blanket for my neighbor I’m working on which is beyond awesome (pictures when it’s done!) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we got a new car… ahhhhhhhhhhh new car… the schmexy brand spankin new car! This thing is going to help with enjoying Hawaii, since it gets epic gas milage compared to the RX-8. Miss the zippy sports car, but totally digging the new one.¬†
We are going hiking this weekend, and have also decided on a super epic theme for my “wedding” we are doing. Decided to do it back in Rapid so that family can make it out, rather than spend a butt load on plane tickets to Hawaii (although I really wanted to get married at a Volcano). It’s a theme wedding, and not until 2014, sooooooooo ya’ll will have to wait a couple years to hear about that one ūüėČ . Upon further investigation, I have started checking into my geneology (thanks to the bestie who has been searching relentlessly for her own). I have realized that I am related to a TON of Mennonite ministers. If they have the last name Gundy, and are Mennonite and an active member of the church, I’m probably related in one way or another lol. Still check into my grandpa’s side, and my dad hasn’t gotten back to me about his side of the family (honestly not that suprised), but I’m getting there! Other than that it’s been normal, every day, boring sitting at home and doing homework… OH! I got my Associates degree beginning of May! I get to do my Commencement Ceremony this Sunday ūüėĬ† exciting but nerve wrecking! Tiiiiiiiiiis about it. So I will let this go and update this weekend!


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Religious Outburst

Oh Facebook. Facebook Facebook Facebook. A joy you are to my entertainment needs. Another debate has risen off of such a simple statement. a Statement refering to a woman who was stabbed in a local walmart parking lot, and how they hoped she would “rest in peace”, and then it turned to why the man deserved what he got, why he didnt deserve what he got, and then WABAM, the religious bangers hit the post. I have never wanted to punch someone in the face so bad in my life. Try to make a point, get slammed in my face I’m going to Hell no matter what points I make, I’m wrong, my beliefs are wrong, and I’m just wrong. This person would not bend or break under any circumstance, that she may be wrong with how she was stating things, not that her beliefs were wrong, but how she was stating things that were quite offensive to others. I believe this one was started about sucide victims not being allowed into Heaven because they didn’t ask for forgiveness before they committed the “sin”.¬† I mentioned something about being judged at the gates to Heaven, and asking for forgiveness there, NOPE.¬†Oh I am wrong. that would mean that Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were allowed to ask for forgiveness. o.O wuuuuuuuuuut?

I have never…. been so confused…. But it’s ok. We mentioned about choking someone down with her own personal beliefs, and she says:

¬†“I respect everyone has differing opinions on what God says, but I know that mine aren’t opinions, they are facts coming straight from the Bible.”

Oh an don’t forget, the Bible isn’t up for interpretation.¬† Her word is right, and there is nothing more to it, you don’t do what she says, you’re going to¬†Hell, because you’re¬†a “sinner” in her book.

Wew. Really? Apparently any other religions have no say in the matter, because Christianity is all mighty. I totally respect everyones views on this topic, but this woman was relentless in saying that we are all doomed if we don’t do what the Bible says, in black and white, with no interpretation. Which pretty much means we are all going to Hell.¬† I am not a Chrstian, I claim no denomination, I have my own personal beliefs that are mixed with numerous different¬†bits and pieces¬†of¬†different beliefs, but that’s wrong I’m doomed.

Once again, I totally respect other’s¬†people’s choices, and their own beliefs, but I do not support or respect people who feel the need to tell others that if they do not bend and convert to what they are doing and believe in, you¬† are completely and utterly doomed for¬†Hell. My number one rule, is to¬†NEVER tell someone¬†they are wrong, but respect their views, but the minute someone says that there is no other option, is when I blow my top and try to make valid¬†points.

So lets try this again. What are your views on those that push¬†a certain religion on others? What are your beliefs (in a non-negative, pushy, you’re going to Hell kinda way)? And why can’t anyone just be POSITIVE?

No more negative energy, just bring in the positive, let it be what drives you, and keeps you rolling in life, and lastely, do NOT let anyone tell you, that you are going to Hell. They have no drive or say in what or where you will end up. That is up to whoever, or whatever your believe in, not them.

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