Holy Hectic.

Forgot about the blog again… started writing in it 2 weeks ago… then forgot. Woops.

It’s been a hectic, crazy, wild life since I last posted. We are still secretly spying on the girl I posted about prior, she’s still psycho. Now I have a new one to add to the bucket of crazy, which I will not go into detail about now.

T-ball has been crazy cute. Rayne absolutely LOVES t-ball, has her little sports shirt, and we should have pictures within the next week or 2 (and yes I will be posting!). We have been enjoying Hawaii best as we could, but once again I got sick over and over with the stomache pains, and it kinda slows us down. I have recently crochet a super adorable little pink and green hobbes doll for a friend of mine who is due with a baby girl end of July, now I have orders to make a couple more of them for some of my husband’s co-workers :). Along with this, I have a baby blanket for my neighbor I’m working on which is beyond awesome (pictures when it’s done!) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we got a new car… ahhhhhhhhhhh new car… the schmexy brand spankin new car! This thing is going to help with enjoying Hawaii, since it gets epic gas milage compared to the RX-8. Miss the zippy sports car, but totally digging the new one. 
We are going hiking this weekend, and have also decided on a super epic theme for my “wedding” we are doing. Decided to do it back in Rapid so that family can make it out, rather than spend a butt load on plane tickets to Hawaii (although I really wanted to get married at a Volcano). It’s a theme wedding, and not until 2014, sooooooooo ya’ll will have to wait a couple years to hear about that one 😉 . Upon further investigation, I have started checking into my geneology (thanks to the bestie who has been searching relentlessly for her own). I have realized that I am related to a TON of Mennonite ministers. If they have the last name Gundy, and are Mennonite and an active member of the church, I’m probably related in one way or another lol. Still check into my grandpa’s side, and my dad hasn’t gotten back to me about his side of the family (honestly not that suprised), but I’m getting there! Other than that it’s been normal, every day, boring sitting at home and doing homework… OH! I got my Associates degree beginning of May! I get to do my Commencement Ceremony this Sunday 😀  exciting but nerve wrecking! Tiiiiiiiiiis about it. So I will let this go and update this weekend!


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    Rena Nichole said,

    Yay for Graduating!

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