Suck it Sheryl.

My dad received news recently that a close family friend has cancer, and was denied because of government act for any type of surgery that would save his life. Pretty crappy situation if I say so myself… of course, my dad is a major political (and biblical) buff, and goes on a tangent about the Obama healthcare plan and how it is harming citizens. In most of the conversation, I actually agree with him. He fact checks, and he ensures his statements are true. And then, Miss Sheryl pops in.

Sheryl, a self-appointed liberal, is about the most obnoxious thing since the evolution of mosquitos.  She rants and raves, and finds all her information on these supposed forms off of sites such as factcheck and huffington post, which mind you yes they do have some information that is correct, but when she turns and twists the information to suite her needs and her point, it ends up making her look like an ass.

Simply the conversation started as a debate, I had to put my nose in it and just ask from my usual hippie stand point how she would react if her healthcare provider and government providers had told her that a lifesaving surgery would be denied “just cuz”.  She ran me in circles for about 3 hours, and still wouldn’t give me a damn answer, which infuriated me.

During this debate, she kept switching her statements around to make herself sound better. First it was that American’s are all lazy… Then it was “oh I agree with you, people are hurting,” and then, out of NO WHERE. She cops off with, and I QUOTE , “ If you want to make this personal… your thinking is why you are poor and I am rich. I am amused by you, a person who cannot find a job to afford daycare for her children. That is what I find amusing. So keep spouting off about you opinions because at the end of the day, I am still rich and you are still poor.”

What. The fuck.  I made no personal attacks, I simply pointed out what she said in an earlier post, and how it differed from what she was currently stating. My thinking, was that there are people out there who suffer, no matter how hard they work to make ends meet, and there are those out there who work their asses off and are still unable to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their children, and I am by no means “poor”. We may scrape by, but we always have what we need, my daughter has what she needs, and quite honestly? Once I finish my degree, it won’t be an issue finding a job, whereas right now I’m in a location that is racist and will only pick “true locals” over others when it comes to hiring for jobs, even at frigging Mc Donald’s.

How the hell?

Anyway, my response was as follows , “I made no personal attacks towards you. I was simply showing how your statements were switching up as the debates went down. How does it make you feel to point out that you are oh so rich, to an apparently oh so poor individual? As I just stated prior. That was an extremely petty move. And it honestly makes you look like a stuck up snob. *poke* alright then, you took a jab, I took mine. We even now?  actually I’m going to drop off this conversation at this point. I have to get ready for BBQ with my poor peeps. Catch ya on the flip side, and it was great to meet you Sheryl 🙂

Her response, “ You, too, Ayla! Enjoy the BBQ. Don’t drink too much cheap wine . J “

What on god’s green earth, possessed this woman to be such a bitch you may ask? I proved she was a hypocrite. I cornered her, and shoved it in her face, that she in fact was taking back what she was saying, and twisting it to make herself look better.

Here’s the best part, I called my dad once I ducked out on this completely pointless, and petty conversation. Come to find out this is his fiancé’s niece.  NIECE.  They were rooting for me the whole time apparently, and have given me permission to punch my… (step?)  cousin, in the throat at the next family reunion. This woman is not as “rich” as she makes herself out to be. She is a narrow-minded psychopath with no desire to obtain or produce any sort of informative pertinence to the conversation, and then blatantly offends others when caught in a corner to make herself seem bigger.

P.S. she’s a realtor. Yep. A frigging realtor.  I just got into an internet, political spat with a 40 year old REALTOR from OHIO, who is apparently family. What a keeper. SMH.

As my dad said, she may think I’m poor by her standards financially, but at least I’m not morally bankrupt.
And on a side note, I may not have a job, and I may not have the capability to pay for daycare currently, but at least I am at home, with my child every day to watch her grow into the beautiful young woman she will become.

Suck it Sheryl.


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