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One Happy Hooker

Hah, I bet that title got your attention. Pervs.


I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely adore crochet, I love the random little projects I make, and now have gotten into amuragami, even though it’s just one pattern I’ve done twice (and now working on a third time), but I am starting a couple new ones for my daughter and my neighbor. I’ve done start blankets, ripple blankets, granny squares, the list just goes on. It’s something that I enjoy. It calms me down, and I love passing them on to friends and family and seeing their reactions. I figured I’d throw this out here, and attach a few of my projects that I love love love love.

I’m getting ready to start on my sisters blanket, with a pattern I received from a fellow blogger, and once I figure out how to attach her to this, I definitely will. It’s called a “wool eater”. And it’s an amazing pattern that I am anxious to get started on, and my sister is anxious to receive. Although, her “colors of choice” are going to require sunglasses, and I’ll probably be seeing weird colors for a while (all… neon… rainbow… wee!).


I’ll keep posted on the progress as I go, as I’m going to be a busy bee the next few weeks. My ex’s mom and sister are coming to visit the 27th for a week, and then we have 3 weeks with no munchkin since they are taking her back to South Dakota with them for our visitation agreement. So during the week they are here, there will be lots of hiking, snorkling, parasailing, and all that touristy stuff, and then the 3 weeks they are gone will be a lot more hiking, snorkling, and all that fun stuff that we normally can’t do while the kiddo is here.

Graduation was… well, graudation. It was super nice, just wish family would have been able to come, it would have made it much more worth it. I’ll have my bachelors in about a year, and then I have decided to move on with my masters, weeeeee¬†school loans >.<
Rayne is about done with T-ball, only one more session left, ūüė¶ It’s sad. but she is determined to get into soccer, and we are definitely getting her signed up with dance classes when she gets back from SD.


Did I also mention she turns FOUR on the 27th?¬† Sad, sad day… She’s growing up wayyyy too fast…


Anyways here’s some projects I’ve completed, graduation picture, and my daughters t-ball picture, since she’s friggin adorable.


Round Ripple

Star baby Afghan


Baby Girl Hobbes doll (pink/green). Matches the Star Afghan


Baby Girls T-Ball Picture ( picture of a picture, excuse the quality)

Hooray for me! Associate of Arts with Concentration in Criminal Justice. BOOYAH!




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Like gravity, Karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.”
РSakyong Mipham

I am a firm believer in Karma. Ya know, what comes around goes around, that kinda thing. But I have a story about a girl, who didn’t think Karma would apply to her, or to her actions. A girl who believed she could say and do anything she wanted, with absolutely no repercussions to worry about. But *le sigh*, she was wrong.

Now this girl, this poor pathetic girl, who just didn’t care for anyone but herself.¬†¬† She was a manipulative person, who cared only for her own personal gain, and the harm of her heartless ways was noted to be just a glimmer of a dull star, in a sky illuminated with the beauty to dull her disgusting ways, one that will eventually burn out, and make its way to Earth and eventually collide into her current ways and cause an effect of mass chaos in her life.

Now with these actions, ranging from illicit ways, lying, extreme stupidity, and of course we cannot forget the complete hell she has caused for others gained momentum rather quickly,  Karma paid a vital, and horrific visit.

This girl married a man she barely knew that she met through unfortunate ways, conceived, and still continues on with promiscuous ways, losing the one thing that matter most to her, the man she fell in love with that she had harmed repeatedly, and forever will only dream what their future would have held.  This man is now happily married with children, a marriage ment for ever lasting love. A career man, wealthy in more ways imaginable.

All the while, this girl, is living in the prosperity that Karma has given her, which is rich in hard work to earn poor living conditions, and cohabitation with a man who does not care if their marriage were to continue or fail, children watched with negligent eyes, alcoholism, and misery.

The moral of the story is : Karma truly is a bitch. What comes around, does always go around, regardless of what actions you bestow on others.  If you exert good energy and a positive outlook, Karma will grant you with a good life, as a reward for your deeds. But if you are to apply negativity, promiscuity, infidelity, and poor energy into your life, you shall receive the outcome you have placed for yourself.

Place the energy that flows through you naturally in congenial ways, to better yourself, the people around you, and your future. Do not allow the negativity of others tear you away from your promised future.¬†It’s their Hell that they are traveling towards, not yours.

Breathe in, breathe out…

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