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Going Dark

I know this is probably the stupidest thing ever, but I’m done with Facebook for now.

There has been so much drama, nasty comments, judgement, etc. that I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve officially shut out facebook. My account is there so as my family wont freak out (yes, I have those grandparents on facebook), but I will go nowhere near it for the next week minimum, even deleted the app off my phone.

I have so much going on my life, and the support is just not there anymore from some of those I counted on. I have one gal I rely on greatly for comfort, who has done nothing but continually insult me and make me feel completely stupid. I mean, I can’t even vent about a situation without feeling like I’m totally in the wrong or just being selfish, all I want is someone to respond simply with a “Gee, I’m sorry that sucks dude”, is it that hard?

When did facebook become an insult site? Why has it escalated to the point of ridiculing people, hurting others, and just all out giving someone the right to be a full-blown bitch?  I honestly believe that people are “bitches” on facebook simply because they don’t have to back up their statements. If you were in a real life situation and came at me with an attitude saying I was wrong, or I was being selfish, simply because a random thing happened that I was venting about, I would deck you. Full out. I didn’t ask for an opinion. I asked for someone to simply listen. I guess I just don’t understand. I mean… When I say something on facebook, I make sure I have proof to back up my statement, but I never tell someone they are wrong when they are venting, give my 2 cents? Yes, but they are within that grey area of acceptable statements that don’t push either direction.

Anyone of importance who needs to get ahold of me has my chat account and my phone number. I have no patience for Judgemental and rude people, especially right now with all the upcoming stress. Having my daughter leaving in a couple of weeks is nerve wrecking as it is, and on top of it I can’t be overly stressed with the “attempt” at baby making/ fertility treatments (as per doctors orders!). All I get is stressed, angry, and just all around flustered.  So, I have decided going dark is going to be something I desperately need. I’ll be regularly checking up on this bad boy since this will now be my outlet until I decide it fit to go back to that god awful networking site…. and then while my daughter is gone I’m going to go get lost in the woods of Hawaii, camp at  a waterfall, and just shut everyone out. I guess this has just been building up, and I’ve finally had enough. I’m just… done.

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


The victim of a crayon eating dinosaur.


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“How DARE Anyone Confuse Airforce Dress Blues with Navy!!” – Ignorant Much?

Upon reviewing my wonderful facebook messages from my dearest friend, after taking a 2 hour unintentional nap for a migraine, I read it, and get this messaging saying I need to check out a girls post due to some completely ignorant shit she’s saying.

Now wait. Wait wait wait. Migraine pounding I check out this girls page, who mind you is a New Airforce spouse who’s just a baby still really, Her husband is actually at A-school where we lived just a few short months ago.  Now, I added her, because 1, her hubs is in California, and 2, she’s moving to South Dakota, Which of course I know a ton about, so I figured eh! Help a spouse out, or as my favorite page would say “Stop 1 to Save 1” Since she’s a little eccentric on the “ZOMG! PROUD WIFE BLARGHHH!!!” posting every 2 seconds on how much she loves her military husband and how much she does this and proud military that, and omg airforce post here and navy post there (since I dont think she knows the difference on the uniforms… ) and I just…. want to tell her to calm down and ease up… I mean there’s nothing wrong with the “Proud (enter branch) spouse” thing every once in a while, But every single day, FLOODED with it is a bit much.Back on track now, I get to her page, and I see “How dare anyone confuse Air Force dress blues with navy!!!” …. You’re kidding right? I mean… seriously… did you just post that??? I can see turmoil begin seeing as many of her “friends” are airforce, and yet, some of her friends are different branches as well. and to be honest (even though I have no say since I’m not Navy personally) I was slightly offended. How DARE she make such an ignorant comment. How DARE she put her two cents in on a little spat that all branches have between eachother, that doesn’t include her . And how DARE she be this effing stupid. I mean. c’mon lady….  for one. Not everyone knows what all the “dress blues” look like. For two. Airforce dress blues look nothing like Navy dress blues, which are actually black. And what the hell gives her the gull to say something like that in the first place.
Ya know. I’ve had my moments while hubby was deployed of complete and utter miserable-ness, and I had taken time out on the facebook device to post retarded things such as deployment “songs” or “poems” or a *sigh* I really miss him* post every now and then. But never have I ever, posted anythin to insult any other branch, or FLOOD my page with random military crap, or proud spouse crap or anything to that extent.  Her husband is in A-School. Not deployed in a war zone. He’s going to SOUTH DAKOTA, not Africa.  And above that, she reminds me of the wives I had to deal with when I first got married and moved out to California. The ones who’s husband was higher ranking and they refused to even let our kids play together. I see her being one of those wives. I can see her being one of those stuck up assholes that no one likes, simply because she is completely ignorant. And I can honestly see her joining an FRG, trying to take it over, and getting a stern “talkin’ to” by the command.Seriously. I just wanna punch this chick.

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