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“How DARE Anyone Confuse Airforce Dress Blues with Navy!!” – Ignorant Much?

Upon reviewing my wonderful facebook messages from my dearest friend, after taking a 2 hour unintentional nap for a migraine, I read it, and get this messaging saying I need to check out a girls post due to some completely ignorant shit she’s saying.

Now wait. Wait wait wait. Migraine pounding I check out this girls page, who mind you is a New Airforce spouse who’s just a baby still really, Her husband is actually at A-school where we lived just a few short months ago.  Now, I added her, because 1, her hubs is in California, and 2, she’s moving to South Dakota, Which of course I know a ton about, so I figured eh! Help a spouse out, or as my favorite page would say “Stop 1 to Save 1” Since she’s a little eccentric on the “ZOMG! PROUD WIFE BLARGHHH!!!” posting every 2 seconds on how much she loves her military husband and how much she does this and proud military that, and omg airforce post here and navy post there (since I dont think she knows the difference on the uniforms… ) and I just…. want to tell her to calm down and ease up… I mean there’s nothing wrong with the “Proud (enter branch) spouse” thing every once in a while, But every single day, FLOODED with it is a bit much.Back on track now, I get to her page, and I see “How dare anyone confuse Air Force dress blues with navy!!!” …. You’re kidding right? I mean… seriously… did you just post that??? I can see turmoil begin seeing as many of her “friends” are airforce, and yet, some of her friends are different branches as well. and to be honest (even though I have no say since I’m not Navy personally) I was slightly offended. How DARE she make such an ignorant comment. How DARE she put her two cents in on a little spat that all branches have between eachother, that doesn’t include her . And how DARE she be this effing stupid. I mean. c’mon lady….  for one. Not everyone knows what all the “dress blues” look like. For two. Airforce dress blues look nothing like Navy dress blues, which are actually black. And what the hell gives her the gull to say something like that in the first place.
Ya know. I’ve had my moments while hubby was deployed of complete and utter miserable-ness, and I had taken time out on the facebook device to post retarded things such as deployment “songs” or “poems” or a *sigh* I really miss him* post every now and then. But never have I ever, posted anythin to insult any other branch, or FLOOD my page with random military crap, or proud spouse crap or anything to that extent.  Her husband is in A-School. Not deployed in a war zone. He’s going to SOUTH DAKOTA, not Africa.  And above that, she reminds me of the wives I had to deal with when I first got married and moved out to California. The ones who’s husband was higher ranking and they refused to even let our kids play together. I see her being one of those wives. I can see her being one of those stuck up assholes that no one likes, simply because she is completely ignorant. And I can honestly see her joining an FRG, trying to take it over, and getting a stern “talkin’ to” by the command.Seriously. I just wanna punch this chick.

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I forgot I had this page. and So much has happened since that last post. The attempt to quit smoking epically failed. I was doing good until just under a week before June 1st, when my husband came home and told me he was deploying in  a week. I’ve never felt so heartbroken in my life. It was as if my life came crashing down, and the feelings of being alone in a place where I knew no one terrified me.
I managed to make it work. The day he deployed, I packed my dog and daughter up and we made the horrible drive from California to South Dakota to stay with family for a month. Thank goodness my (2 year old at the time) daughter was an excellent co-pilot for the trip. she kept me awake and we had a blast pretending we were on an adventure. It was great to see my mom, spend time with my nephew, and to see all my friends again. Although it was short lived when my daughters biological father decided he was going to make a statement which included something of “I’m going to commit suicide” after dropping her off after the 4th of July fireworks… Thank goodness she stays with her grandparents, and they showed up shortly after. I met up with him the next day to talk about everything, and I spoke with his mom (who is close to being my own) about his issues and my concern for him needing help. The next day we headed back to California for my daughter’s safety, and for my own. Plus we had a cat that apparently really missed us while we were gone.

We spent an additional 3 months alone at the house, I learned I had broken my foot, so gimping around while taking care of a 3 year old, a cat, a dog, and doing all the house things was highly difficult, and on top of it the orders for Hawaii came in so I had to get all the Overseas Screenings and such completed, by myself. Mind you, this was new to me. I had NO idea what the hell I was doing, I just grit my teeth and did what I was told.

That deployment was 100 times worse than the first when we were just dating. It was shorter because of his PCS, but it was so heart wrenching. I stayed strong for my kiddo, but I had issues sleeping, eating, getting things done (which didn’t help with the broke foot), and just trying to keep on truckin’.

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend our 1 year anniversary together, and then shortly after all of our goods were packed up, and we were on our way to South Dakota to visit prior to the big move. We spent the entire month of November in SD, and loved every moment of it! Then, we made the super long trek to Hawaii.

That was by far the longest and most stressful plane ride I have ever been on, but once again the kiddo was a trooper. 7 hours from South dakota to Los Angeles, then a 5 hour nap at the USO (thank god for those little places), than a long 6 hour straight flight to Hawaii. Now, as much as the kiddo and I fly now, I admit I’m not very good on planes. I’m terrified of hights, and have a great fear of flying, but I did manage to crochet 4 hats on that flight 🙂 luckily they didn’t trash my hooks.


When we got to Hawaii, it was a week of stays in hotels and cottages waiting for a house to come up. We ended up finding a house out on the town since the wait list was 4 months, and I refused to have Christmas in a hotel. All our household goods were delivered the next day, and we were lucky enough to be able to pick up our car (we shipped the month prior) the day we landed.

So far, it is odd living here. The people and the culture are not what I expected at all, and actually many of the islanders are very unfriendly towards the “Haole” or outsiders. I have run into quite a few that are extremely nice and very helpful, but the farther inland you get, the meaner they get, and then I saw why. But that is for another time.


Soon we will have our dog shipped out here, Rayne is enrolling in T-ball and peewee hockey (I know right?) and the hubby is settling in nicely at his new station. I’m just grateful that no more deployments are to come for 3 years…. as long as nothing bad happens.

Promise to keep up on this blog this time, once I remembered I had it I realized I had completely forgotten to update it since my hubby got back from FEX.

so in all we had



Deployment/trip home

broken foot/ Overseas Screening

End of Deployment



Home for Thanksgiving

and then Moved to Hawaii.
SIGH so much…

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Life of the Navy Wife

My life. Ugh. End of story. It’s so stressful. I was married previously to a jerk who was in the Army, he was stationed in Germany and I was stuck behind in South Dakota, alone and pregnant, but I did fine. I believe it was the thought that I had done everything else in my life for so long all alone, and the fact that I knew he was truly nothing to me. He treated me like the scum under his boot, and caused me to go into premature labor. This second time around to being married in the military is so much harder. I married my best friend, a person I’ve known and cared about for years and am now stuck in a town 10x as big as Rapid City, and alone with only him as a friend. I’ve made 2 friends, and both are leaving to go to another post, and I’m afraid to make any new friends since we will be stationed some place new in November. It’s a hard concept to wrap my head around, that all friends I make I will sooner or later have to say goodbye. I left for my daughter’s visitation 2 weeks before he had to leave, he left 3 days before we arrived back home, and been gone ever since. The first time I spoke to him was last night via Facebook but for a very short period of time. They have been gone a total of 3 weeks now. My daughter is driving me crazy, and all I do is sit and think. Think about if he is okay, eating well, sleeping alright. Think about the next deployment and how much harder it is going to be. I was with him on his second deployment, and the third is coming up soon. There is that rumor he wont be going, will be staying behind to help things out here since we are leaving shortly after the deployment begins but it’s not for sure… My life has completely changed since we had eloped. I have no job and stay at home all day, when all I know is work. I’ve never been so bored of life.

I remember the last deployment I was driving to Sioux Falls to visit some friends, and I received a phone call that said I needed to pull over. They told me that there was a possibility that something happened to him, his dad had hung a flag in his yard and some officers went to his door. I panicked. It was a short lived rumor once I reached his brother. But it was one of the most horrifying moments in my life. It’s amazing what a simple rumor that friends will start will cause, the heartbreak I felt and the relief that washed over me when the rumor was dis banned.  It really does suck. It hurts and it’s terrifying. But I am a strong person, and I need to keep my mind open to possibilities of where our new life will take us.

This life is one of many things. Fantastic yet horrible, uplifting but so depressing, reassuring yet terrifying. It’s something that all military spouses must go through. The thought that their loved one may not come home, or may be leaving for long periods of time missing vital times in their child’s life. Or that their soldier would come home with such horrible post traumatic stress disorder that they must be hospitalized. Most people don’t realize that we the spouses go through a lot with our loved ones, that we are soldiers in our own way as well. We have to be strong and positive for our loved ones and be there whenever we are needed. We are bombarded with protesters, as if we have the right to say “no” to war, no to helping other countries regain their lives. Without our soldiers there may be no peace or rights for us as the people in this country. If soldiers had a choice, I can almost promise you they are there to help, and if given the opportunity to come back to their loved ones, they would do it in a heart beat.

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