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Plot for world domination

Have you ever as a child wondering what it would be like to rule a country? To be a King, Queen, or President?

I know I have, and had actually drawn out a plan. It’s this completely off the wall plan, but I think it may actually work… (if I ever had a never ending supply of money, with every scientist known to man kind at my beck and call).


First, I would gather all necessities to life, such as crops, cattle, clothing, etc. and have them at my disposal so no one else could have them ( greedy huh?).

Second, my team of elite scientists would creat a nuclear device that would shut down all modern day electronics. This is to include vehicles, computers, electricy as a whole… right down to the very last AAA battery and watch. Once the rioting had subsided, I would hack into the system (although of course there would be only a small amount of time), and pronounce myself RULER OF THE WORLD!  People will file to my headquarters which are located world wide, and would be rationed food to last them 2 weeks, along with a dairy cow, 1 chicken per person in the family, and a goat. Every 2 weeks (upon schedual) the people would come for their next helping of rations. This would eliminate obesity world wide while ensuring that everyone still has enough food to survive efficiently until an order is produced where they can efficiently feed themselves. Although if starvation started to become an issue I would still ration out food to help. Then the overhaul would begin.

Jobs would be given out according to status. Some would be farmers, ranchers, shop keeps, peace keepers etc. Such as society was thousands of years ago. There will be no slavery though. Everyon has free will and are able to make changes to their status depending on if there was a position available at the time, just like any other job. The only fascility that will be provided electronics and such will be hospitals… Even I will not have electricity, and will work for my keep.

Money will be in the form of bartering. This will allow people to find their true talents, whether it be art, music, weaving, baking, what have you.  It will be a real talent, not those such as “playing video games”. Plus it will get children out and about so they get some fresh air, which I believe is really needed this day and age.

I do expect to be assasinated within the first few years, but needless to say, my team of elite scientists will have found a way to either clone me, or make me invincible. Either way, I will not be completely destroyed. Ever. 


This plan, I made up when I was about…. 16.  It does go into much farther detail about how I would enforce laws, rations, declare myself Ruler of the World, schooling and all that fun stuff, but It’s also 4am, and I should be in bed… key word: Should. Maybe I will continue this on later… but as of now this is just a random thought that passed through my head again and I figured I would jot it down right quick.

So, there you have it.


If you were given all the devices you needed, how would you plot world domination?


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Let us discuss: WTF is going on with People?

Well, it appears I can’t sleep, and I’ve found a topic I want to discuss, so I’m going to throw this one out there. Has anyone noticed that death rates are up? And I don’t mean the natural death rates, I mean crazy murders, suicides, stupidity, etc.

I admit, I’m a momma’s girl, and I talk to my mom fairly regularly, along with a lot of people back in South Dakota, and I can honestly say almost every time I talk to someone there is something about some crazy random thing happening, or a murder, or kidnapping, etc. that is going on. For example, one of my mom’s customers were driving from Rapid City to Keystone to go to dinner, some guy was standing in the middle of the road, and SHOT THEIR CAR. For no reason, had no idea who these people where, just did it for shits and giggles. WHO DOES THAT?! Here’s another one, I do believe we have had 2 or 3 kidnappings since the new year of random people, who are later found murdered or something along the lines of a horrible tragedy, in a ditch, or a person who blew themselves up in an elevator, or some idiots hurting animals in the worst possible way (New Years some kids put fireworks in a dogs mouth), or crazy drivers crashing head on into vehicles or running people down, the list just goes on and on.

My question is; WHY. Why are all these people suddenly doing all these horrible things? Of course this happens daily, everywhere, but it seems to be noted more in the news. Is it because Newscasters are just bored or out of topics to discuss? Are people thinking that because “ZOMG WE ARE GONNA DIE IN DECEMBER” that they have nothing to worry about? What exactly is prompting all these people we would never expect to do such horrible things, to do unimaginable damage to so many people?

Now I know most have seen these people on television claiming to be “Doomsday Preppers”, which quite honestly I think is a very entertaining show, but do you believe these people? What are your honest opinions on this 2012 situation? Would you murder, steal, or rack up your credit cards thinking that there will be no consequence for your asininity since the world will supposedly end?  I just don’t understand… The world was going to end in 2000, the world was going to end in March, the world was going to end in October, now the world will end this coming December. Do people honestly believe that because the Mayans didn’t “finish” the calendar, that means the world will be blown to smithereens?

Here’s my thoughts on the Mayan Calendar incident:
Some Mayan dude starts creating a calendar, and it is passed down from generation to generation, to keep this production going. One lucky Mayan has an extremely lazy, lets say son. This son puts around and just, forgets and decides that “oh gee, I forgot, Oh well, not my problem, lets just freak a shit ton of people out in the future”, or better yet, he probably just didn’t give a damn. Ya know, my view on this is probably ridiculous but I’m sure lazy people were around in Mayan times just as they are here.

Aside from this theory, Mayan’s didn’t actually incorporate a leap year, which we have every 4 years. Now, if we look at the Mayan Calendar, and insert a leap year every 4 years since the time the Calendar was created, we would be looking at doomsday being ohhhhh…. 8 months ago? Of course there is speculation of this, with all kinds of rumors, even some truths, about what they were looking at. But I want to see the actual documentation that the Myan’s supposedly predicted this doomsday happening. I want to SEE it. I want PROOF that this is what they said, not some loony Priest, Pastor, or Minister. Of course this is just my own personal opinion, but honestly, I’m just sick of hearing about it, and how people take advantage of something they have no idea is true or not.

/End Rant.

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